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I meet many people who write 1 good song and think they are the next huge songwriter or singer. Odds are that your 1 song may get you some attention, but most publishers, agents and labels are going to want to see that you can produce top notch music over and over again. They are […]

Today our topic is Networking! yay! Networking is very important in any business, but even more so in the music business. The simple fact of life is that people work with people they know. So your mission is to be the one that people know. How do you do that? You have to get out […]

Getting exposure is crucial to developing your music career. You should set a goal of doing 1 thing every week that gets your music exposure. Here are some ideas of what you can do: 1. Start a Facebook page for your music 2. Start a MySpace Page for your music 3. Atten local music organization […]

The most important thing you can do for your music career is to set aside time every single day to work on your music career. I can already hear you saying, “I do not have any time.” Funny. I also hear many of you saying, “I will do what ever it takes to make my […]

Yesterday I talked about how you really need to work on your craft to make it worth money….if your music sucks, you will never make money with it. So now today we will look at how you need to start developing your business skills. Business really means making money, or transacting business. Music is no […]

The first step in starting to make money with your music is to make it actually worth money. If your music is not up to par, people will not part with their money to get it. You really need to take a good look at what you are doing and see where you can improve. […]