CDBaby is great for digital downloads!


So I am releasing my new single, “Rock Your Body” online. I am working on a new full CD, but I wanted to drop some sneek releases, so I am doing an online single with “Rock Your Body.” I decided to use and do just a digital release. This is a pretty slick setup they have. All you have to do is send them 1 CD and artwork and they will digitize your music and art and make it available to a huge number of online dowload sites…iTunes, Rhapsody, Emusic are just the tip of the iceberg. They also make your songs for sale on their site, which generates quite a bit of traffic. I was able to release the single for a total of $55…. $35 for the sign up fee and $20 for a barcode for the project. I just mailed the CD Monday…so it will be a little bit before the song is up online, but I have always been pleased with CDbaby. They send out royalty checks promptly and they really do get your music out and heard on the net. I spent $55 for 1 song, but that amount could apply to getting your whole CD worldwide digital distribution….gotta love technology. Now go look for “Chad Sharp” online and buy some damn music!


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