Chad Sharp and Tori Fixx Teaming Up on Hot remixes


I am super excited to let everyone know that I have been working on some hot new dance remixes with Tori Fixx.  I am working on a remix of his song, “Hey Bartender.” The remix is pure fire with a driving dance groove underneath Tori’s heat. I can’t wait til it gets out into your iPods and on the dancefloor! Tori is also taking some of my new songs from my upcoming CD and doing some blazing hot remixes! I am super pumped to hear what kind of magic that Tori whips up in the studio. Both Tori and I are producer/artist/remixers now in Minneapolis, although Tori may be making the jump to LA to expand his music.  I have my Minneapolis studio here where I produce my own music as well as pump out projects for other singer and songwriters. If you want to hear some music from Tori Fixx or Me, Chad Sharp….just search for us on iTUnes, Google or Rhapsody. We have some hot music online!


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