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Every singer, songwriter, or musician I know wants to make money with their music. Maybe they don’t want to be a big music celebrity, but they want to do something they love and not have to rely 100% on their day job. Over the next six days I will give you some tips on how […]

In today’s music climate, it makes complete sense to start promoting your own music. Donald Passman wrote a great article about it: Record a hot demo

You can now stream and download the new Chad Sharp single, “Diva” on Rhapsody. The song is a funky, dance track from the upcoming CD that will be released in 2010. CHAD SHARP: Diva

I am in the process of releasing 2 new songs online. One song called, “Diva” is already out on some digital music sites, like Rhapsody. I used the online service, I have to say that my first experience with them has been great! Last Saturday night I spent $9.99 and now my single is […]

So I am releasing my new single, “Rock Your Body” online. I am working on a new full CD, but I wanted to drop some sneek releases, so I am doing an online single with “Rock Your Body.” I decided to use and do just a digital release. This is a pretty slick setup […]

I just had 100 promo CD’s made for a single I am starting to promote online. I am going to hand them out at social events to try to garner some buzz for my new song, “Rock Your Body.” I had used Mixonic in the past for CD projects and I was super pleased with […]

I am super excited to let everyone know that I have been working on some hot new dance remixes with Tori Fixx.  I am working on a remix of his song, “Hey Bartender.” The remix is pure fire with a driving dance groove underneath Tori’s heat. I can’t wait til it gets out into your […]