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I read this article about small businesses that use social media sites to help make their business boom. It made me wonder what musicians are gtting creative and using it to make their music promotion pop. read the article Need a professional song demo? Check out my recording studio. Advertisements

The Star Tribune here in Minneapolis ran an interesting story about the new rules of music promotion. You can read the article from the Minneapolis paper here. C-Sharp Productions: Minnepolis Recording Studio and Demo Production

If you are a songwriter, you should get a professional song critique before you spend money to have your song demo recorded. It will help you save alot of money in the end. Demos can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, so investing a few dollars to make sure your song is ready is […]

Many songwriters that I work with send me lyrics that are really poems. Good poems, but more poetry than songs. Many times I take the overall theme and ideas of the poem and break it down into song structure. Songs have very distinct sections and structure. Poems are a little more free, and many times […]