Making Music While Working


So in one of my last posts I had said that I want to get 10 brand new songs recorded by October 1st…Well I think I need to reevaluate that. It is already the 13th of September and I have only really completed tracking 1 new song. I still need to make some edits and mix and master it. So I am going to push out my completion date for the music. I am now revising my date to be February 1, 2010. It is hard to find time when you are as busy as I am….work, sleep, music, work, sleep, music….unfortunately work and sleep beat out music sometimes.
I have been busy working on other musician’s and songwriter’s projects, so I basically hoping to complete one of my own songs every two weeks. That puts it out at February 1. I have also decided that I am pretty much going to release the project almost entirely online. It will be something fun I can do online when I am not promoting my demo recording business.
The first song I have done for the new project is a dance song called, “If I Close My Eyes.” It is a fun, upbeat track that is a feel-good dancy number.


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  1. I love being able to find posts regarding things like this…keep me updated.

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