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if you are a songwriter, you want to get the best song demo possible. There are a few things you should do in order to help make it a success. If you are hiring a producer or studio, like my studio, C-Sharp Productions you should: 1. Have a neatly typed lyric sheet 2. Know the […]



I wanna be your boy….. Download my new song, “Boy” It was recorded in my Minneapolis recording studio.

Download my new song, “Minneapolis Hot Summer Nights” It was recorded in my apartment in the Twin Cities. I have more dance songs in the works. Once I have 12 songs I will release all of them online. – Chad Sharp

This has been a pretty productive 4 days. I have completed two complete new songs, and I have written some more lyrics for some more new songs. My new music project is coming along pretty good. I may be done before I thought! This whole project is a lot of dance tracks. I want them […]

So in one of my last posts I had said that I want to get 10 brand new songs recorded by October 1st…Well I think I need to reevaluate that. It is already the 13th of September and I have only really completed tracking 1 new song. I still need to make some edits and […]

I am still in the more ‘conceptual’ stage of my new music project. I am kind of hesitant to even call it a “CD.” Since I am not 100% sure that I will release it as a CD. It may just be a full online release through digital retailers. That would save quite a bit […]