Great Weekend for music


Well here it is Monday morning already! Why doesn’t work go that fast?  Anways, it was a pretty good weekend for me music-wise. I did not have any projects or work to do, so I had a chance to work on some new music for my next CD. I did 4 new music tracks. I have not started even thinking of lyrics or song topics, yet. I really like the new tracks, though. They all sound different, but they are R&B, pop, techno hip-hop.  I would say it is like Janet Jackson meets Black Eyed Peas. The tempos range from mid-tempo to dancy.

Besides working on the music, I have also kind of started strategizing about how I am going to promote and relase this project. I guess the first step is to get the music recorded. I want to cut 10 new songs. My goal is to get them cut by October 1st. That would be about 2 songs per week. That will be a little aggressive, but possible. Once the songs start coming together I will have to start thinking of photos, and imaging. So fun!  – Chad Sharp


One Response to “Great Weekend for music”

  1. Good luck with the music – great to hear how constructive you’re being …

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