Real Life Music Promotion tips, etc.

Chad Sharp

Chad Sharp

So as of late I have not been doing much of my own music. It has been over a year in fact that I have even ‘semi’ released any of my own music. I am usually busy recording demos for other singers and songwriters, which is great! I am now feeling the itch to start working on a new project for myself. The way that music promotion and the business is now, I may be a couple steps behind. There are contstantly new sites and options popping up.
So what I want to do is chronicle my progress on my new musical project. It will be a great way for other singers and songwriters to follow my steps as I develop this new release. It will be honest, real life…just me keeping an online journal of my recording and marketing. The last time I really did a big marketing push of my own music was back in 2005 when I released my first CD, ‘Personal.’
At the end of 2006 I moved to Minneapolis and kind of focused more on developing my production business. The time has come to work on myself as an artist. I want to do this as fun, but also a way to develop that aspect of my business.
So I hope you follow along as I jump back into the ring as an independent music artist.
– Chad Sharp


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