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So those of you who have been following my last few posts know that I am jumping in and working on a new CD of my own material. This week I have not made any new tracks or completed any songs, but I have been writing down a lot of lyrical and title ideas. I […]

Well here it is Monday morning already! Why doesn’t work go that fast?  Anways, it was a pretty good weekend for me music-wise. I did not have any projects or work to do, so I had a chance to work on some new music for my next CD. I did 4 new music tracks. I […]

So as of late I have not been doing much of my own music. It has been over a year in fact that I have even ‘semi’ released any of my own music. I am usually busy recording demos for other singers and songwriters, which is great! I am now feeling the itch to start […]