I like this Tim Sweeney Email…Sell More CD’s


I got this email from Tim Sweeney…….I liked it!

Tim Sweeney & Associates

31805 Temecula Parkway #551
Temecula, CA 92592
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How To Increase Your Sales By Not Raffling Off Your CD At Shows!

By Tim Sweeney (www.TimSweeney.com)

It has been suggested by some that raffling off your CD at your shows will increase your mailing list and CD sales. Actually, it hurts your sales!

Here is a better, more proven strategy that has worked for years by the music artists I work with. While it is true that you can get people on your list by raffling off your CD (except for those who have already bought it), you will find that you can get even greater results (meaning almost everyone) by raffling off items from local businesses. For example, my artists have been given free cell phones to I Pods to car tune-ups to free pizzas to give away. Local businesses are looking for new customers and new ways to partner with people.

If you were offering to give away items like these at your next show, how many people would put their name and email address in the drawing? Better yet, how many people sitting on your mailing list would suddenly come to your next show to try to win this stuff?!

The key is to get more people to your show (especially new ones) so the venue will pay you more. Bond with your fans before the show and start selling your CD and get everyone on your list then! If you meet with your fans before the show and build a better relationship with them, you will see you sales increase like my artists.

Need help? Email me questions through the website, http://www.TimSweeney.com

Physical inquires can be sent to: 31805 Temecula Parkway #551, Temecula, CA, 92592, US


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