How to write a hit song


One of the things I hear from many new songwriters is the lack of a strong hook. The hook is basically the part of the songs that get stuck in peoples’ heads. It is the that one line that when you read it or see it you can hum the melody. It is also now how people shop for music online. They search for the hook.
So what I tell people is that your hook needs to be the title of your song. Actually, when I write a song I usually start with the title. It makes you ask some important questions like, “Is this a strong, interesting title? What story goes with this? How will the title be sung?”
One rule that I followed early on, and still do for the most part, is that you should us the title of the song 3 times in the chorus. This really solidifies the hook, and it makes you think more creatively on how you can fit it in that many times.
If you start making your chorus be/use the title of the song, and using repitition, you will start to have people singing your songs in no time!


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