Jimmy Jam on Songwriting


So ever since I was young, I have been massively inspired by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and their “Minneapolis” sound. That is half of the reason I always wanted to move to Minneapolis and why I did.  Today I am back in South Dakota at my parent’s house for easter. I was just surfing around and found some great quotes from Jimmy Jam on songwriting. It really inspires me to write more and make time everyday to really work on my craft. Here are the quotes I liked:

When asked how they know when a song is finished, Jimmy replies, “It’s an instinct I guess. But we tend not to overdo songs. The fact that we write so many songs might be part of the reason. You can work and rework songs and music but you can never recapture that first day of inspiration…spontaneity is important in music.”

“Write,” encourages Jimmy. “If only one out of a hundred will be good, then write a hundred…Songwriting is something you’ve got to want to do. Money isn’t what it’s about. It’s a God-given talent you have to use.”

I can’t wait to get back to Minneapolis and start working with some new artists and writing alot more!  – Chad—->C-Sharp Productions


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