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I have my own recording studio in Minneapolis, and if I had a dollar for every time I hear independent singers and songwriters say, “I want to take my music to the next level.” I would have as much money as Simon Cowell. Seroiusly, I hear it over and over again. It got me thinking […]

Jearlyn has given C-Sharp Productions and readers of our blog a chance to get free tickets to her concert at the Fitzgerald Theatre in Saint Paul, MN this Saturday! If you are one of the first 5 people to email us from we can get you and a guest on the guest list. To […]

Last week, I heard about a new singer named Kristinia DeBarge. My first thought was, “hmmm, I wonder if she is of the famous DeBarge family?” Well tonight I found out she is. I instantly thought of the Jackson lineage. The other fun thing I found out was that she is signed to a new […]

One of my favorite singers is Jearlyn Steele. She has such a great voice and stage presence. It is always a huge joy to watch her perform. It is so much fun! Saturday April 25th, Andrew and I are going to go see her perform songs from a Prairie Home Companion at the Fitzgerald Theatre […]

One of the things I hear from many new songwriters is the lack of a strong hook. The hook is basically the part of the songs that get stuck in peoples’ heads. It is the that one line that when you read it or see it you can hum the melody. It is also now […]

So ever since I was young, I have been massively inspired by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and their “Minneapolis” sound. That is half of the reason I always wanted to move to Minneapolis and why I did.  Today I am back in South Dakota at my parent’s house for easter. I was just surfing […]

Ah, it is nice to start getting settled into our new recording space. As many of you know C-Sharp Productions is a home based project studio that helps singers and songwriters record great songs. I was in a pretty cramped space when I first moved my studio to Minneapolis. Now I upgraded, not only my […]