Now is the time to go after your music career! Ideas on what you can do TODAY!


Why do we all say, “Someday I want to be….”, “Someday I want to do….”? Well someday never ever shows up. So now is the best time to really go after you music career. Now is the time you can start creating the life you always wanted. It sounds like a cheesy informercial, but it really is true! No one but you can make anything happen in your life…especially grow a music career.

If you want to be a singer…sing. If you want to be a songwriter….write. You will not get to the top in a day…so just start doing something now that would help your career. What does that mean?? How?? I hear your questions…so I am giving you some ideas on what you can do.
1. Send an email to your friends asking if they know anyone who is also a singer/songwriter…or whatever you want to be. Ask them to introduce you….start networking. Don’t expect anything but a new friendship to grow at first.
2. Start a blog that showcases your talent.
3. Record a new song and post it online on MySpace and Facebook.
4. Visit
5. Listen to a radio station that you never listen to. Expand your horizons.

6. Go perform at open mic nights. Make a goal to introdice yourself to the other performers…netwwork!

7. Post an ad for your talent on craigslist. Don’t brag too much, just simply state what you can do…try to get some bookings.

8. Look in your local arts magazines and newspapers for ‘musicians wanted’ ads and see if you can help someone out there.

9. Go to local band and singer’s concerts and performances, watch them and learn what to do and not to do. Introduce yourself, and say, “great job! I am also a __________. We should meet up for coffee sometime.”

10. Actually meet the people you talk to for coffee or a meal. Buying someone lunch can help you gain mucho knowledge.

11. Write a new song.

12. Send out postcards to people you know. Tell them about your music, and career.

13. Go into every situation trying to learn something new.

14. practice, practice, practice your craft. JUST DO IT!!

15. Read other independent artist blogs and websites….what are they doing? What catches your eye?

16. Start saving money for your career now. Use your day job to reach your other goals.  Even small amounts can help. If you saved $10 per week, you would have $520.00 in a year. You could record another demo or buy some ads. You could use that to promote yourself.

17. Read a new music industry how-to book. Read at least 1 a month. Actually try what they tell you.

18. Google C-Sharp Productions

19. Email to set up a time to have a free meeting to talk about how you can start recording a demo.

20. Check out Tunecore and CDBaby.

21. Set a goal of making $100 more from music this month. Brainstorm on how you can do it…then next month make $200…..rinse and repeat. Long journeys start with one step.

I hope at least one of these things gives you a little boost of energy to start moving forward towards your music dreams.  I am a producer, singer and songwrwiter. I would love to help you record your demo. I am in Minneapolis, and you can reach me at my site.

– Chad


2 Responses to “Now is the time to go after your music career! Ideas on what you can do TODAY!”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Chad. I always urge people to research carefully, but you named reputable services, and that’d good.

    If you or your readers have any questions, feel free to write me. Thanks again!


  2. 2 Many

    hey i just read this , and i have decided to actually go after what i have always wanted, but i m not sure if have a good voice to actually sing , and i dont want to take a path that may not lead me anywhere, i love music , listening and singing it , but , i just start Senior Year High School and dont want to ruin things, by focusing in something that i have no idea how it will turn out , Any advise ??

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