The Steeles Holiday Concert 08


So Friday night Andrew and I went to the Fitzgerald Theatre in St Paul to the Steele Family Holiday concert. It was OUTSTANDING! I am such a huge fan of the voices of the Steele family. They blend well and all of them have voices that are awesome.

The show was a mixture of singing, dancing, magic and fun. Not only did you have Jearlyn, Jevetta, JD and Fred….but you had their kids performing too. They did a mix of traditional carols and modern songs. They even did some original songs.

The band was fantabulous! The band included Billy Steele (musical director for Sounds of Blackness) and David Barry (guitarist for Janet Jackson.) The band was able to get funky and delicate at the same time. It was truly a great mix of music and fun. Anyone who has not had a chance to see The Steeles, you need to go see them any chance you can. They have been doing the Christmas show for 24 years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. I also heard that Jearlyn will be doing a series of shows for MPR….so keep your eye out!


One Response to “The Steeles Holiday Concert 08”

  1. That sounds like a delightful concert. I love the Steeles, their music is so original and the blending is phenomenal. Glad you enjoyed it! Wishing you the best of New Years!

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