Vote for Lucas Doppler on CMT Music City Madness!

Lucas Doppler

Lucas Doppler

You can now vote for Lucas Doppler’s video to the song we wrote called, “Running Back to You.”  Lucas is in direct head-to-head competition with other country acts….so WE NEED YOUR VOTES.

Here is what Lucas sent me on how to help him advance:

How to vote.


Click on this link, or paste into address bar

(from here you can just go to my name “Lucas Doppler”, click and vote for my vid, if you have troubles, here are more specifics below)


  • Close the “How to Vote Box”
  • Go to the 1st bracket (top left) and click on my name.
    • If you can’t find it, click zoom, it’s the eighth “game” down.
  • After you click on my name my video will pop up in a head-to-head “game”.
  • Then click the “Click to Select” box at the bottom-right of my video.
  • Then close the video box and hit the orange “submit votes” button.
  • Repeat steps as many times as you can stand.  Hahaha.  Thanks.


Optional reading below.


The talent was judged by four producers at CMT and the people in the brackets are the top 64 of 1,000+. From here on out it’s all voter-based, so vote away!  As many times as you can.  Round one goes from Oct 21st to Nov 3rd.


This is the quick and dirty, I’ll explain more on how this all came about if we make it to the next round.    Thank you so much!!! You can also watch the video here:


One Response to “Vote for Lucas Doppler on CMT Music City Madness!”

  1. hey
    it’s miranda here
    your aunt Ruth Morgan is my choir teacher
    and she showed us your video
    it was great
    i hope you win
    you should come in and sing for us sometime
    1st hour day 1
    remember it

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