In our Minneapolis Recording Studio: Mary Mehrkens

Mary Mehrkens

Mary Mehrkens

Over the last month or so, I have had the great pleasure of recording with a new up and coming singer and songwriter from the Rochester, MN area. Her name is Mary Mehrkens. She is a high school student who really surprised me. She called and said, “I want to record a demo.” So we booked some time and she came in. When she got here I told her to sit down at the keyboard and play what she had in mind, so we could see what direction we were going to take the songs. I was blown away! Out of this little girl comes this BIG voice! Not exactly how to describe it…she has the power like Christina Aguilera, but she has a unique tone. She writes her own songs and is looking to start doing gigs around the upper midwest. I have posted a couple of song samples so you can hear what Mary and I did here at C-Sharp Productions. All songs copyright (c)2008 Mary Mehrkens.

“Here We Go Again”
“Stay the Same”
Songs written by Mary Mehrkens. Vocals by Mary Mehrkens. Recorded in the Twin Cities at C-Sharp Productions. (c)2008 Mark Mehrkens.


2 Responses to “In our Minneapolis Recording Studio: Mary Mehrkens”

  1. Wow, what a great voice Mary has! And she’s only in high school??? Wowsers. Thanks for posting the samples, Chad. Best of luck, Mary!

  2. 2 Ashley Paladie

    That is my friend you hear!!!! I’m so happy for her!!! This St. Charles girl is already hitting it big!!! Thank you Chad and you go Mary!!!

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