Poetry to Music, Poems into Songs


Many people like to express themselves with poetry. People have a very useful ability to use words to convey emotions. Many times those emotions can be expressed by the words alone, but sometimes extra emotion can be added by putting the words to music. Many poets dream of having their poems turned into songs. The only problem is that many times poems are not written in the form of what most people think of as songs.

Contemporary songs have similar structures that most of our ears have become accustomed to. We like to be able to sing along to the chorus of our favorite songs. In fact the definition of ‘chorus’ is “Many people singing together.” Many times this part of the song is called, ‘the hook.’ Most poets do not write in the structure of popular music, so in order to make a song that would be appreciated by more people, it is sometimes useful to arrange the words in a way that it fits more of a song structure than poetry. This can usually be done without taking out too many words or losing the idea or the emotion of the song. In fact, it may even make the words more powerful by editing them into a song that could be a contemporary or commercial ‘hit.’

If you are a poet and want your words put to music, you should find someone….like me, that can help you take your words and make them into a powerful, and memorable song.
– Chad Sharp: C-Sharp Productions


One Response to “Poetry to Music, Poems into Songs”

  1. Hello everyone. I am a song writer by body, spirit mind and soul. I have written many years worth of poetry and have expressed througvh words many of my trajedies and milestones. I want to have the oppertunity to share with others who have over gone and overcome the same bounderies i have crossed. So I hope this message crosses the right person.

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