Songwriting Demos: Do you need one?


One of the questions I get asked all the time comes from songwriters.  Many people ask me, “Do I need to have a demo recorded for my songs?”  My simple answer is, yes.  In today’s music landscape many labels and publishers expect to hear high quality demos. The days of boombox recorded guitar vocal demos are limited.  Music professionals want to see that you have invested in your craft, and have high quality recordings made of your work.

It is true that a hit song will be a hit no matter what it is recorded on, but you get taken more seriously if you sound great.

So how do you get a great demo recorded?  First step is to contact a company like my company, C-Sharp Productions and talk to them to see what best fits you.  Do you already have lyrics and melody? Do you just have lyrics, but need someone to put music to your words?  Can you sing and play the song yourself, or do you need someone to help with that?  Those are just some of the questions, and C-Sharp Productions can help you in any of those situations.  We offer both hourly and per song deals that you can choose from to get a top-notch demo of your songs recorded. I can work with any budget, and I will tell you if we can’t help you.

Songs that I have written and produced have been used on national and international radio and TV. Shows like “2 a days” and “Made” on MTV have used music from C-Sharp Productions.  PBS has also used some on their show “Real Simple.”  We also just learned that a song that I cowrote with Lucas Doppler just earned an Honorable Mention out of 600 songs in the Great Lakes Songwriting Contest.  I offer a very affordable, laidback place to make your songs come to life.  You really should have a great demo, and I am here to help you achieve that. You would expect to pay alot more than I charge for the quality of work that I do.

Please let me know if you have any questions. call me at 763-545-1969 or email me.

– Chad Sharp: C-Sharp Productions


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