Make Money with Your Band’s Music Website


If you are a solo recording artist or if you are a band, you probably want to make money from making music.  It would be nice to make some money from the internet, right?  Well sometimes just a little creative thinking can help you generate income from your music.  Even if you are not a full-time musician, it never hurts to get a little extra gas money.

So how can you make some money from your music website?  I am going to list some ways to make it happen.  You will not get rich overnight, but making money online is alot like farming. Nothing is going to grow if you don’t plant the seeds.

Ways to make money with your music website”

1. Sell CD’s – pretty obvious

2. Sell downloads

3. Sell Merch – T-shirts, mugs, thongs, hats….anything

4.  Google Adsense – Did you know that if you put Google Ads on your site, if someone clicks on them….you get paid!  I just started this and I make about $.34 a day! Not alot but it isn’t costing me anything.

5. Get gigs…..believe it or not there really are people out there searching the web to find people to perform at their event. Your site could help land some cash!

6. If you have a developed fanbase you could set up a subscription package. Your fans could pay a small monthly fee to get access to special songs, videos, photos, etc.

There are many other ways to generate money from your music website, but this might give you some ideas. Take them and run with it! Think Creatively! and Think like a business!

Chad Sharp – C-Sharp Productions – Minneapolis Recording Studio


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