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Some exciting news from over the weekend!  A song that I wrote with Lucas Doppler has earned an Honorable Mention in the 2008 Great Lakes Songwriting Contest!  This news comes on the heels of ‘Sweet Corn’ getting some airplay on country stations in Minnesota. Lucas and I wrote and recorded ‘Sweet Corn’ here at C-Sharp […]

This week I discovered that Lucas Doppler has been getting some play on radio stations in Minnesota. I think it has been on the air on 100.1 in Olivia, MN. I have heard that people are diggin the song we wrote called “Sweet Corn.” “Sweet Corn” is a fun song that we recorded in my […]

The music industry is changing….Most companies are scrambling to find ways to excite fans enough to throw money at music again.  We had the CD book of the 90’s, then the mp3 wave started to slowly kill off the compact disc.  Now the labels are starting to look at a new format. Music on small […]

Ok, so last night Andrew and I went to The Lab Theatre in Minneapolis to check out the performance of “Sisters” it is a musical revue show by Jearlyn and Jevetta Steele. These two sisters are some of the best singers and performers in the Twin Cities. They use the show to showcase funk, gospel, […]

Some of the big record companies are scrambling to find the next big way to sell music and fight apathy and piracy.  Some of the big dogs are now starting to turn to MySpace music. There is an inetersting article here about how record labels are gambling on MySpace. – C-Sharp Productions a Minneapolis Recording […]

If you are a solo recording artist or if you are a band, you probably want to make money from making music.  It would be nice to make some money from the internet, right?  Well sometimes just a little creative thinking can help you generate income from your music.  Even if you are not a […]

Since 1996 I have had the chance to work with many style of music. I truly enjoy working directly with a number of artists. i have really enjoyed helping hip-hop artists make recordings and CD’s that can get them noticed on the streets and online. C-Sharp Productions is a great place for artists to come […]