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I found this article on……pretty interesting.

Here is the press release from

Launch Your Band To The World From Tahoe
Sequoia Digital Promotions announces the launch of “Tahoe Touring” – a news guide for professional bands. This newsguide produced by Sequoia Digital Promotions is targeted to bands looking to tour in the Lake Tahoe Region and will be available early in September. “Lake Tahoe is an excellent location for “multi tours”. Trips into the same region several times a year with a revolving fan base” points out Chuck Connell, the managing partner for Sequoia Digital Promotions. “It is an excellent location to build your music business. You can touch travelers from all over the world and play 2 – 3 nights in a row in separate markets and you don’t have to drive your ass off each day. It is an excellent location for a band to grow”.

Sequoia Digital Promotions guide not only will provide a laundry list of “who’s Who” to contact for booking gigs throughout the area it also will help bands map out their plans by helping the bands determine which of the dozens of venues in the area best suite their music. We use video to show people “what” is here, “who” is here and “why” Tahoe.

In addition to the guide while performing in the area the bands can hirer the video and media services of SDP and create a digital portfolio and use their platform to launch the bands music to the world.

The power of “Performance” videos – With the beauty of Tahoe and the venues associated with it provide a new opportunity for bands to combine great “visuals” with great music and interview segments. Where better to create a digital portfolio of your work? Asks Connell and ads “our web videos and channels are viewed thousands of times a month”.

We will be breaking our current web channel down into “genre” based channels soon – right now you can see a “Sample” of the channel plans here … check out the music scene at the lake this summer with these videos.

To receive the guide email


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