Welcome Back Vinyl Records, Sales Expected to Jump


Last weekend I was at Circuit City in Maple Grove, MN….sweet suburbia at it’s finest. I happened to notice that they had about 6 or 7 NEW vinyl record players. My first thought was that people would buy a record player so they could record the music on to CD or into their i-pods. Well then I saw on CBS that vinyl is making a comeback. Apparently last year there were 858,000 albums sold on vinyl. Sales are expected to jump to 1.6 million.
An online music seller, Insound, says that over half of their sales come from vinyl. People who really love music seem to be migrating back towards vinyl.
This may be a good way for indie artists to reach a niche market. Vinyl is more expensive to have manufactured, but you may also be able to charge more. CBS has reported that people are paying about $20 for an album. Apparently you can even get the new Madonna CD on vinyl.

I still have all the singles from Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson on Vinyl!

– Chad Sharp

2 Responses to “Welcome Back Vinyl Records, Sales Expected to Jump”

  1. I’m glad stores are carrying turntables again. I think that was the main symptom of the decline of vinyl in the 90s.



  2. 2 iwrote

    I hope the revival of vinyl records will resurrect people’s desire to own one. Hope so.


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