10 Things To Do THIS WEEK to Promote Your Music Career


Do you want to have more fans?  Want to sell more CD’s or dowloads?  Every journey begins with the very first step.  This is a list of 10 things you could do that could help advance your independent music career.

1. Upload your mp3 to a new site:  Find sites that allow artists to upload and showcase tunes. Upload to one new site every week….you will be on at least 52 sites in a year!

2. Call 5 venues you would like to perform at and find out who to talk to about booking: Just ask what the process is….don’t push for a gig, yet.

3. Start a blog or make a new blog post:  If you don’t have a blog, GET ONE!  If you do, then write a new post about what you have going on….maybe share part of a new song you are working on.

4. Email 5 of your friends and ask them if they know someone who likes your style of music….then ask if they will email your link to them

5. Go check out a performance by other local artists….then afterward introduce yourself, give them your info and take theirs…..then every few weeks touch base and see what they have going on. Support them and they will support you

6.  Have someone who is not a musician, friend or family member review your songs.  Get an honest take on what they think.  Play the same song for multiple people…only pay attention to recurring critiques.

7.  Post comments on music blogs:  Only post true reactions that you have to posts, and include your URL. DO NOT post ads for your website on other blogs

8.  Write a song this week!!

9.  Mail a press kit to a prospective venue or publication

10.  Read 3 articles about online music promotion and SEO techniques

You can’t eat a whole pie in one bite.  Each week take a few steps in the direction of your goal, eventually you will eat the pie!!


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