Pandora Could Shutdown! Suck!


My favorite online radio station…one of the greatest ever…is in danger of shutting down. Why? Well new royalties have been passed that try to collect more money for artists and labels. See, the labels aren’t selling as many CD’s so they have to try to come up with money somewhere….so why not charge more for online plays?

I am an artist and have my own label, so I completely agree with artists and labels getting paid. It is only right…but the royalty rates are starting to get so high that many online stations can no longer afford to pay them. That means good, legit online stations that try to do the right thing will die, and pirates will again be rampant, and the big labels won’t really be able to stop them, so they will find ways to penalize legit music fans. There must be a compromise.

Read an article here that explains it better than I ever could.


One Response to “Pandora Could Shutdown! Suck!”

  1. Pandora is the greatest thing invented since sliced bread. I know people use that expression a lot, but this time it’s actually true.

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