Michael Phelps and Your Music


Hey Fellow musicians!!  Michael Phelps has rocked the world with his intense drive and power. He went for his goals and became a legend at the Olympics.  He is a shining example of what passion and hard work can attain.

What are some lessons that can apply to you and your music career?

1. He hates to lose

2. He practices 5 hours every day

3. He has intense focus on what he needs to do

4. Believe in yourself

5. If you want it, don’t stop til you get it

6. Be prepared…practice more!

7. Visualize Success

8. Think Big, Be Big

9. If they say you can’t, prove em wrong

10. Become the best you can at your talent….focus on being great at 1 thing, and not ok at a bunch.

It has been very fun to watch someone like Phelps in Beijing. If you watch the olympics and the athletes you can see that if you applied the same drive and determination to promoting your music, you could reach some of your dreams and goals too!!  ROCK ON!


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