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This info is linked from The theme of the article is that these are the Top 5 Music Retailers in the US. According to NPD Music Watch: Top five music retailers U.S.: 1. iTunes 2. Wal-Mart 3. Best Buy 4. Amazon 5. Target. *Independent artists need to learn how to ride the online music […]

My favorite online radio station…one of the greatest ever…is in danger of shutting down. Why? Well new royalties have been passed that try to collect more money for artists and labels. See, the labels aren’t selling as many CD’s so they have to try to come up with money somewhere….so why not charge more for […]

Hey Fellow musicians!!  Michael Phelps has rocked the world with his intense drive and power. He went for his goals and became a legend at the Olympics.  He is a shining example of what passion and hard work can attain. What are some lessons that can apply to you and your music career? 1. He […]