How Tupperware can help your band and tour.


There are very few of us that have not been to, or heard about Tupperware parties. They seem to be woven into the strange and wonderful fabric of American life.  Yes, you may giggle just a little bit when someone mentions Tupperware, but they really have some innovative products.

What does Tupperware mean to your music and tour?  Well, you can use Tupperware for a number of things.  If you are a singer or band that is out doing gigs here are a few uses you could have for Tupperware products.

1. Bowls with lids can store small adpaters for cords, drum keys, picks, etc

2.  You can use the snack storage containers to keep dry food items, like chips, nuts and other stuff for you to eat while you travel.

3. There are also some very cool adult “tippy” cups that work awesome in the car, they help you go without spilling!

There are a ton of other musical uses for Tupperware containers.  Check out sites like to get your own ideas.


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