CDBaby bought by Discmakers


Well I got an email yesterday from Derek Sivers.  He is the founder of CDbaby, and really created a great service for indie musicians.  He has stepped back for a while now and let the business machine keep going.  Now he has sold CDbaby to Discmakers.

I am not sure what I feel about Discmakers buying CDbaby.  Any time there is a change of ownership, it is almost always certain that there will be changes.  I will be interested to see how Discmakers takes CDbaby into the future.  I would assume that Discmakers will have exclusive deals with CDbaby artists and vice versa.  I hope they don’t find a way to penalize artists that make product away from Discmakers.

I have used Discmakers in the past and they do great work….they are just not always the most cost effective way to go for indie artists.  Sometimes you don’t need as many units, or as much put into the project as DM does.

There is a story on about this new business transaction.


One Response to “CDBaby bought by Discmakers”

  1. An alternative to CDBaby since 1999 has been earBuzz provided physical CD distribution and high-quality digital downloads by album and song for independent artists. earBuzz is also the only site in the world that returns 100% of the purchase price back to artists. We’re a pseudo co-op that asks artists for $2 per month for membership, or artists can volunteer $3 or $5 per month. It’s $25 to process each CD title as artists release new works. Every CD is reviewed. See my latest blog (9/22/08) for the earBuzz opinion on promotion. If you have any questions, you can reach my direct line at 925-344-4825.

    Don Kimenker founder,

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