Deborah Cox and Taylor Dayne Live


Taylor Dayne at the Saloon 08This past weekend was Gay Pride Weekend here in Minneapolis.  It is one of the largest Pride celebrations in the USA…and it is FUN!!

I got to catch some great live performances…

Saturday night I got to hear Deborah Cox perform live.  She has such an incredible voice.  She is right up there with the greats like Whitney, Mariah and Celine.  Cox did an upbeat performance of her hits that were reworked into house, dance mixes.  You know the gays LOVE a good dance mix with a big diva!! Amen sister!

Cox said she liked being in Minneapolis. She had been here when she was a back-up singer for Celine Dion.  She also came here when she worked on some songs with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Sunday night, Andrew and I went to see Taylor Dayne at the Saloon’s Annual Gay Pride Block Party.  That was SOOOO fun!!  We saw Taylor Dayne last year at Loring Park, and she returned to Mpls to sing at the block party this year.  Her performance this year was not as long, and the sound wasn’t as good…but it was still fun to be there and sing along to her hits.  The place, and boys went buts when she did, “Tell It to My Heart.” Taylor had some dancers and a background singer….Taylor is in red in this photo.  I took it with my Cell…so it is kind of crappy.



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