It’s been awhile


Wow! Time sure does fly by!

Seems like it has been quite some time since I have made any posts on my blog. I was doing pretty good making almost daily posts about indie music and what I have going on with my music and C-Sharp Productions.

Besides running C-Sharp, I also have my own insurance business. I am an Aflac agent and I try to balance my time between the two careers….kind of a left brain-right brain thing.

So lately I have been working hard on some insurance related stuff….but I have also been working on some music projects too.  Lucas Doppler, Rick Jensen and Dayna Jones all have projects in the works…so I have had that work scarttered here and there.  I have also been in a slow creative time too. It seems that my creativity is like a roller coaster….sometimes it is up and other times it is down and twisting.  It always comes back, but I think I get scared that I am losing my muse everytime it happens.  I have heard other creative people talk about times like that too.  I think I read an article once that said Natalie Merchant is always scared that she will never make another song as good as her last one….so she constantly writes and strives.

So, please be patient….my flow of ideas, music and rantings will again bust out….we are just in the calm before the storm.



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