Post your artist or band’s website here.


Since I am an independent songwriter, singer and producer I enjoy checking out other indie artists and musicians.  So this post is designed to be just another place you can post your links to your music.

Please feel free leave comments below with similar info as mine:

Artist/Band: Chad Sharp

Style: Pop, R&B, Dance

Listen online:

Influences: Prince, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis 



6 Responses to “Post your artist or band’s website here.”

  1. If you are a country music fan, we hope you will check out our new song, “Sweet Gravity.” We want people to hear it, so we are giving the mp3 away for free. Check it out!

  2. Added you to my list 🙂

    hope it helps – like your work.


  3. Orange County, CA based Rock band, innertune.

    Email us for info on how to get a FREE DOWNLOAD.

  4. Band – Les Fantasticos

    Rock and Ska mixed with a few beers.

  5. If you like metal and or hardcore… check this out

  6. Kevin Keel, Connecticut, thrash/hardcore, Political Pyrexia! Check us out!

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