How to Book Your Own Tour: Part 2


So now you have your 2 week time set aside for your tour…and you know kind of where it could take you…..

Now take a sheet of paper and write down each date that is on your tour plan.

The next step is to start picking locations/cities that you want to play in. What I did was started close to home, in South Dakota, and worked out. I chose places like Aberdeen, Mitchell, Madison, Sioux Falls….and I knew I wanted to work out to Milwaukee, WI.
So now when you start picking places to play…simply drop in the cities on a date on your sheet. I tried to follow as much of a straight path as possible with each city being about 1 to 2 hours apart. It was easy to see following roads on the map. So your sheet may look something like this:

September 1: Aberdeen
September 2: Huron
September 3: Mitchell

After you have all 14 dates you can start looking for venues to play. When I did my tour I played coffee shops. So I took my list of cities and looked up every coffee shop I could find and made a list. This would be the list of places I would start calling.

Tomorrow I will share with you exactly what I said to book myself on a tour.

– Chad Sharp
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