How to Book Your Own Tour: Part 1


In 2005 when my CD, ‘Personal’ was released I decided to book a little tour to promote the project.
Over the next couple days I will share with you how I did it.

The first thing I did was block off a 2 week chunk in my schedule 6 months out. So I chose April since I was in November-December. This allows plenty of time to do everything right.

Next I went to Walmart and bought a Rand McNally Atlas of the US. This is what helped me decide routing, cities, etc.

After I had my Atlas, I decided that I wanted to go no further than 500 miles from home. So I used the atlas and drew a big circle on the map that had a 500 mile radius from Mitchell, SD. This gave me the area that I was pontentially looking at for booking dates. I could see clearly what highways, interstates and other things were around the area I selected.

At this point if you do what I did, you would know 2 things: 1. When your tour would be 2. What kind of area are you looking at.

Tomorrow I will talk about the next step in booking your own tour….

– Chad Sharp Please check out my site, C-Sharp Productions


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