Respect your recording studio


I started C-Sharp Productions in 1996 in Mitchell, SD. In 2007 I moved the production and recording operation to Minneapolis, MN. This is around the time when I started to get bugged by something that people seem to do…..stand up set recording times!

It is very disrespectful to the engineer, and facility. They set aside time for you to come in and work…when if you don’t show up you rob the studio of a chance to work with others. If you do not want to show up, at least have the balls to call and cancel.

It is really starting to piss me off….I wonder if it happens to other studios!?


4 Responses to “Respect your recording studio”

  1. Sorry Chad ~ Sounds like you had a bad Monday as well. Please know that I haven’t forgot about my projects I’ve promised you. I can barely keep my head above water right now with school, but as soon as it wraps up I’ll be sending you what I promised. 🙂 Hang in there! You are so fun to work with – I know being stood up is frustrating and time consuming but it’s their loss. Love ya!!! ~ Janice

  2. 2 Luc

    Dude, what’s with that? Well, tomorrow’s another day to GIT R DUN!!! Apparently “Larry” is stuck in my head. Well, we could always find out where these people work, book some time and forget to show up. Maybe they are car salesmen and we could test drive me a new Chev and forget to bring it back. I’m also guessing that these are new clients, as I highly doubt once someone has worked with you, that they would pull that. Over n out.

  3. 3 Chad

    It has happened a few times here in Mpls. Luc and Janice rock!

  4. 4 Zaki

    Great blog, added to my blogroll, if you don’t mind ?

    Thanks in advance.

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