Where do you want to go today?


As musicians we can struggle with  finding a balance between our passion and the real world. Should we work a day job and just do what I love on the side….or should I put everything into music and make it a career.

I found this interesting blog by Tom Leu today….please check it out:



2 Responses to “Where do you want to go today?”

  1. Chad, thanks very much for the feedback and the link. I like your business name…C-Sharp, clever! I’m gonna be checking out your music and linking to you as well. Keep in touch and keep the faith!

    Tom Leu

  2. 2 Robyn

    I find myself in the same boat every day. I have a day job. I also have a house and a husband and baby on the way. I’m not worried that I won’t be able to focus on my music anymore. I’ve always been able to balance life well. But, I do worry that I don’t have enough time to devote to my music to go where I want to go. But, I keep at it each day and just hope what I’m doing will pay off. I’ve always said that I simply want people enjoy and relate to my music. That makes me happy right now.


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