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This week I got to mix a new song that I wrote with Dayna Jones. It is called, “Keep the Change.”  Dayna and I wrote the song a few weeks ago when she was here in the Twin Cities recording.  She plays guitar on the song and I played all the other instruments. It is […]

Since I am an independent songwriter, singer and producer I enjoy checking out other indie artists and musicians.  So this post is designed to be just another place you can post your links to your music. Please feel free leave comments below with similar info as mine: Artist/Band: Chad Sharp Style: Pop, R&B, Dance Listen online: […]

So now you have your tour booked! How do you promote it? Here is what I did to promote my tour: 1. Looked up every TV, radio, website, magazine I could find in each place I was performing 2. Typed up a press release that announced the tour and all of the dates 3. Sent […]

Yesterday I shared with you how I selected what cities to go to on my tour. I decided I wanted to start in South Dakota, work my way to Milwaukee, WI and then loop back around. This allowed me to hit about 10 or 11 cities in 14 days. So now you should have your […]

So now you have your 2 week time set aside for your tour…and you know kind of where it could take you….. Now take a sheet of paper and write down each date that is on your tour plan. The next step is to start picking locations/cities that you want to play in. What I […]

In 2005 when my CD, ‘Personal’ was released I decided to book a little tour to promote the project. Over the next couple days I will share with you how I did it. The first thing I did was block off a 2 week chunk in my schedule 6 months out. So I chose April […]

I started C-Sharp Productions in 1996 in Mitchell, SD. In 2007 I moved the production and recording operation to Minneapolis, MN. This is around the time when I started to get bugged by something that people seem to do…..stand up set recording times! It is very disrespectful to the engineer, and facility. They set aside […]