Dayna Jones Weekend Sessions in Minneapolis


Dayna Jones with guitarDayna Jones, a great singer/songwriter I have worked with for years was here in Minneapolis recording this weekend. We had alot of fun. We cut two songs. One of them was a song we started from scratch and finished while she was here. It is called, “Keep the Change.” I have not had a chance to do a mixdown of the tracks yet…so no samples yet. BUT… I got to mix the other song we recorded called, “Beautiful Mess.” It has a neat fresh, fun feel to it. It is a joint work of C-Sharp and D.Jones…D-Unit!! I am putting up a little high quality sample for you to check out. You can also listen to the full song in lower quality at Dayna’s MySpace.

Download a sample of “Beautiful Mess” – written by Dayna Jones and Chad Sharp (c)2008

Dayna Jones MySpace Music Site


One Response to “Dayna Jones Weekend Sessions in Minneapolis”

  1. 1 Luc

    Creative lyrics, unique sound with very nice vocals and harmonies. Like the pic too. Looking fwd to some more.

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