How to get a record deal.


Recording DealsFor those of you artists out there who want to get signed to a major record label….here are some tips. These are some ways to get label attention:

1. Sell 50,000 CD’s on your own — Make sure it is tracked and you can PROVE it! Soundscan, etc.

2. Sellout shows at every gig — Are you bringing in a crowd each and every time you play?? This won’t get attention unless you are packing in hundreds of fans…even better if it is in major cities. (not your 10 drinkin’ buddies who come see you every time you play at the dive down the road.)

3. Sell thousands of digital downloads on iTunes. — A&R folks, I’m sure are watching who is making buzz on their own.

4.  Have a loyal fanbase. — If you have thousands of fans on your mailing list….preferably around 10,000…this means fans that have signed up for stuff, not random names you decide to spam.  Labels are looking for acts that have been successful at marketing themselves….and have a ready-to-go audience.

5. You are in the top 10 on American Idol — OK, this is just for fun….but true.

6. You have  hit songs, and a unique voice and image. — You need to be yourself and don’t try to be the next “Fill in the blank.” The industry already has “fill in the blank.”

Getting signed mostly comes down to being able to really prove that you have something that people want to spend money on. Plain and simple….if you can show a label that people are already into it and you are already making money they will take notice.  They are in the business to make money. Money talks.

The funny thing is that if you are packing gigs, selling thousand of CD’s and keeping in touch with thousands on your mailing list……you don’t need a label! 🙂


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