Deodorant +Music?


Ah yes, the music world is changing.  It was announced this week that Jermaine Dupri (aka, Mr. Janet if you’re nasty) has been “tagged” to head up a brand new record label venture.  Nothing really newsworthy in JD starting a new label, right?  Not quite…the new label is a joint venture with Tag Men’s deodorant and body sprays.

I personally find it extremely exciting to have these new types of deals being brought up.  Being an indie label myself I am always looking for ways to build artists and revenue.  Music is becoming more and more a lifetsyle statment more so than just an audio experience.  It is kind of like when you have a favorite perfume or cologne.  In reality it is just some chemicals that do something to your sense of smell….but after you see the commercials and pitch person, it makes you feel like you are part of some elite group.  You associate that smell with that lifestyle. Music is doing the same thing.

I have believed for some time that in order to develop success in entertainment you need to develop a culture. You have to create something that people can feel like they are a part of.  My examples would be Janet Jackson starting her own “Rhythm Nation” and Prince has his “New Power Generation.”  Janet was out to change the world. She had great videos, imaging and branding.  It was easy for people to feel like they were part of the Rhythm Nation.  Prince did the same thing. 

So now in 2008 Tag body sprays and Jermaine Dupri are looking to do the same things. Tag has marketing muscle and can use music as part of that….now when you smell Tag you will hear music and when you hear the music you will smell tag.

Read what MTV had to say.



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