Should I send my CD to record labels?


Chad SharpI get asked, “Should I send my CD to record labels?” all the time. My answer is usually, not unless you know someone at the label.  In 95% of all cases if you do not know someone or have not had something specifically requested, it will not get listened to.

If you do not know anyone personally to send it to, you would basically be flushing the postage and CD cost down the toilet.

Now if a label is asking for demo kits…SEND ONE….BUT, make sure it makes a great impression…DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT send a CD-R that is written on in Sharpie!  That is so tacky. For more on this please read a blog I wrote a little bit back.

Record labels are in the business to sell music. Today that means downloads and CD’s…..also if you have a 360 deal it means they are out to sell anything related to an act.  Labels are looking for very specific things. It takes more than just being good….I will write more on how to get a deal in an upcoming blog.

Chad 🙂


One Response to “Should I send my CD to record labels?”

  1. 1 Bob Smith

    I totally agree with your advice. Use a DiscPainter disc printer to make a commercial looking CD. It will be in color and it will have all your info printed right on the CD. Make it easy for the record label to imagine what your CD could look like. Show them you are serious and a professional.

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