Cool way to release a CD


If you have not heard of, you are missing out on a great way for independent artists to release a CD with little or no money….heck you won’t even need to have any inventory.  It is a great concept. It works like this….Upload your CD and artwork, order as many as you need for $1.75 per CD plus shipping…OR if you just want to sell CD’s and not buy any Kunaki will even set up a page where you can make your CD available…then they make them as people order them. Brilliant!! They even can get you a barcode and shrink wrap!

This was a very straight forward and easy way for me to release my latest CD, “Previously Unleashed.” I even had Kunaki send copies to CDbaby so they could get it online. So now I have CD’s available at CDbaby and  I figure that it never hurts to have another outlet.

If you are on a budget and still want to get some music out, is a way to do that.
So if you used Kunaki and CDbaby you could get your music out on 2 CD retail sites, plus all over the net on iTunes and other sites for about $70.

Rock on!


2 Responses to “Cool way to release a CD”

  1. Do you have any feedback on the software they provide to generate a CD artwork and order? It is a download. Pretty flexible?

    • Kunaki is a download. I used some of their specs and designed my covers, etc with a copy of Adobe Illustrator I got on Ebay. They have some very basic automatic design options, but it is very sterile. As far as easy of downloading, it was pretty easy. It does take some time to upload a full CD, because it uploads as full files without any compression. They can drop ship to CDbaby, which is cool.
      Mixonic has a better online design interface where you can do more layout type stuff and upload your own graphics. They actually have templates you can download which makes layout much easier if you are using another program or a graphic designer. I do most of my stuff myself with an old version of photoshop and illustrator.

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