What to put in a demo kit.


I work everyday with singers and recording artists who are recording music for demos. What is a demo? The recording is just one part of the overall package.  What you include will also depend on who you are approaching. Are you sending to record labels, agents or venues? The things you include can vary quite a bit, but a few things can help you make a good impression.

Here is a list of what to include in your demo kit:

1. A CD of your 3 best songs. — It is true that if you can’t impress someone in 30 seconds, they won’t even listen to the other tracks. You need to have the biggest bang up front. 3 songs is a safe number. If they REALLY like you, they will ask for more.

2. CURRENT photo. — We live in a visual world. People want to see what you look like now. NOW is a key word. You should make sure that your photos are current and actually look like you

3.  Artist Bio. — This is how they find out what you are all about. Where are you from? What is your style, what makes you different? What are your influences? What are some of your upcoming projetcs?

4.  Performance Schedule/List — Let them know where you have performed and where you will be performing. This can show that you have things happening. Many artists just record…if you are out performing that can add brownie points

5. Business Card — Yes, you should have a business card. It is a great way to show someone that you take your music seriously. It is also an easy way to distribute your contact info.

6. A Fact Sheet — This is a sheet that includes the most important parts of your bio and schedule. It is easy for someone to quickly get the idea of what you have going on.

7. Interview Sheet — It can make your packet seem more current if you have a Q&A sheet. It is basically what a transcript of what an interview with you would be. A very simple yet powerful way to talk about your music.

These are just some of the ideas that I have used in promotional kits. Some of you may have other ideas on what to include….please post comments.

You should also have your contact info on EVERY piece of material you send in a kit. Also put it all in a folder.


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