Making Money with Music: Step 3


Chad Sharp Sings Live

Hello again from Minneapolis!!
Ok….so what are your top ten talents? Maybe your list looks like this:

1. Singing 2. Dancing 3. Writing songs 4. Playing guitar 5. Art design 6. Outgoing 7. marketing 8. accounting 9. I’m attractive 10. public speaking   (Again these are just examples…your list could be completely different)

Now when you look at the list it can help you determine a few different ways to make money in the music industry.  One of the biggest rules of success is to not put all your eggs in one basket. That means as you start your business, you will want to try to generate income from as many sources as possible. After awhile you will determine which avenues are the most profitable and what you should focus on or not focus on.

Looking at the list of talents above….here are some ways to make money;

1. Performing Gigs – You sing, dance….book yourself to play gigs, make some money

2. Licensing Songs – You write songs…..try to get them recorded by other people, try to get them in TV/Films… games

3. Record and Sell CD’s — You sing, play instrument and write songs….duh….you really should record a CD project. 

4. Sell digital downloads — Since you should already have a CD…if not get on that…call me 😉  You should be selling your songs online as downloads on site like iTunes and Amazon.

5. Graphic Design — You could design CD artwork for other bands and singers

6. Publicity and Marketing — You said this is a talent…use it for yourself and charge other people for it!

7.  Speeches — since you are outgoing and good at speaking…what if you gave some free talks around to different groups….it would help you sell CD’s and get gigs!

Many of you probably are new to the music industry and may just want to record a CD and not make a full career out of it yet….that is great!  Every big adventure begins with the first step.

I help new singers every single day make CD’s and market their music. My business, C-Sharp Productions allows me to have this site and share with you. If you need help on anything get in touch with me. — CHAD

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