Making Money with Music: Step 2


Yesterday I told you to take an inventory of your money right now….if you work for an employer. You should also include any other income that you receive.

So just for example sake, you make $30,000 a year gross….before any deductions or taxes.  That is how much you would need to replace with your music career. That sounds like a lot….but you can’t eat a whole pie at one time. Let’s break it down. (your amounts may vary)

$30,000 annually is $2,500 per month. You would need to generate $2,500 per month. That would be equal to about $625 per week…or $125 per day for a 5 day week.

When you break it down into small steps, it doesn’t seem as hard does it? Granted $125 each day, at first, may feel like a stretch, but there are ways to make it happen.

Your next assignment is to make a list of the your top ten talents that you have that you feel could help you adavance your music career…..Tomorrow I will show you how to use what you got to make some money! Feel free to post any questions or talents you may want addressed. — CHAD 🙂


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