Lucas Doppler


Lucas Doppler Recording

Well after much chatter and talk we finally have some photos and audio samples from the sessions at C-Sharp Productions with Lucas Doppler.  Lucas is a great new country artist that has been working with C-Sharp Productions.

We have been working on songs for a little over a month now. Lucas is working on his debut CD.  He and I are writing the majority of the project, but we will also be cutting some songs from friends we have in Nashville.

Lucas Doppler

Lucas’s style is modern, fun country. If you are a fan of people like Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban and other hot acts, you will love Lucas Doppler. Catchy songs, nice vocals.  We even have Lucas’s dad playing some guitar on some songs.

Lucas’s Dad Lays It Down

Ok, Ok….so I have been teasing you about the LD project….so we wanted to give you some samples to whet your appetite.  We just cut vocals this afternoon on a hot new song called, “Running Back to You.”  The first song we ever did together is called, “Sweet Corn.” Give them a taste….

Download a sample of “Running Back to You”    Stream “Running Back to You”

Download a sample of “Sweet Corn”

VOTE for Lucas to get his music on MTV!

Vist Lucas Doppler at MySpace

All songs written by Chad Sharp and Lucas Doppler. Copyright (c)2008.. Recorded and mixed at C-Sharp Productions, Minneapolis, MN

Lucas DopplerLucas Doppler at C-Sharp ProductionsLucas Doppler

52 Responses to “Lucas Doppler”

  1. 1 Brandon Wilkens

    YEE HAW! Wow your really doing it…sounds great man! I want more!!

  2. 2 Lance Doppler

    Cant wait to rock these songs out in my element!!! Sounds great bro….but I need more! HAA! Not only do you sound good you look good and so does DAD!! GIT R DUN so I can listen to more….no worries!!!!

  3. 3 lacy Doppler

    Hey BRO! you sound AMAZING! So proud of you! all we hear is WE WANT MORE! keep it up!

  4. 4 James Midboe

    They sound really good Dopp. You gotta keep working on getting that first disc out my man!!

  5. 5 Monique Moen

    Lucas! You rock my world 🙂 I can’t wait to hear you sing live. You better hook me up with front row tickets to your first concert!

  6. 6 Steele Tescher

    Awesome! Your vocals, style and overall sound are the “now” of country music. Please put up some more and get the word out…these songs are too catchy and smooth to NOT be on country radio!! Keep it up dude…

  7. 7 Paul Martin

    Wow, I can definitely hear some big time talent in those demos. Looking forward to getting the CD when it comes out. Keep it up!

  8. 8 Rusty Deters

    Nice work Lucas! You need to rock the old school Green Bay sweater in some concerts when you go big time. Let me know if I can help you out with getting the CD going when it comes out. Keep up the hard work.

  9. 9 Jonny

    What the hell is going on here? What year is this? LOL!!! Sounds good Lucas! Keep it up!

  10. 10 Emmett Worth

    Dop13 in the house! Wow, I’m impressed bud! Can I be your date to the CMA Awards? Do you know Carrie Underwood? Tell her E diddy said what’s up

  11. You can stream a full versions of “Running Back to You” at

    – Chad

  12. 12 Ben Smith

    This is some good stuff Lucas! I’m ready to buy the album and hear you on the radio. I knew you had talent, but…wow!

  13. 13 Jessica

    Wow! I decided to check out your songs after seeing the website on Lacy’s facebook page. Can’t wait to hear more. Watch out Dierks!

  14. 14 BWilks

    Can’t get “Running Back To You” out of my head. Pretty soon you’re gonna have to buy me a drank.

  15. 15 Awna Schweitzer

    Jolene always said you could sing….she wasn’t kidding!

  16. 16 Kaylee

    Wow Lucas great job! I had no idea you sang! Keep it up can’t wait to hear more!

  17. 17 Billy Rodgers

    good stuff doppler!

  18. 18 Lindsey Mastel

    MORE LUCAS MORE! sounds great.

  19. 19 Kim Wilkens

    Lucas, B was telling me all this time about the karoke contests you were in, didn’t realize you were into the country scene. Sounds wonderful!! Hope things go well, and send me one of the first CD’s and front row seat to your concert. Keep up the good work, I’ll be looking forward to more!

  20. 20 Anne Parry

    Luke!?! I can’t believe it’s you!?! You sound fantastic!!! How long have you been hiding these suPerStAr skills?!!? I’m not much of a country fan, but listening to you might change my mind! 🙂 Congrats and best of luck!!!

  21. 21 Sabin Rasmus

    Lucas, Great job on your new songs. Kennedy loves dancing to sweet corn. Sandy cann’t wait to buy one of your CD’s. Can’nt wait to hear more, see you when you get North.

  22. Luke great songs. I loved Runing back to you It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 Luke

    These songs are amazing! I can’t wait to hear more! I am glad that you are taking your gift and running with it! Get ya some! Nice sweatshirt!

  24. 24 Ted

    Great music Lucas. You have a great voice. If you need any footage for a country music video, head out our way. We can set you up with some great footage in May …HA HA.

  25. 25 Joleen

    Oh my GOSH LUCAS!!! you sound so awsome. Iam so proud of you . P.S. Keep on singing.

  26. 26 Ayden

    Lucas your SWEET CORN song ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  27. 27 Abbey

    LUCAS you are GREAT!!!! you should go on American Idol!!!P.S. MoM wants a CD.

  28. 28 Lindsey Kautzman

    Hey Lucas you sound great!! I cant wait for hunting season so i can see you again! But my friends and i might come up there this summer!!! Remember when you go live i get front row seats. Keep up the good work!!!

  29. 29 Jeff

    Nice job Lucas. Joleen called and told me I had to listen to you sing.
    Very Impressive! Follow your dreams, man!

  30. 30 Alyssa Kautzman

    Great job Luke. Your songs sound awesome. Keep up the good work!!! P.S. I want a CD.

  31. 31 MaLynn Kautzman

    Your songs are awesome Lucas!!! You’re better than anyone we here on the radio. P.S. When you’re famous, can I be a back-up singer?

  32. 32 Lindsey Kautzman

    Lucas i want to be a back up singer with MaLynn. If you ever meet anybody thats famous call me. You sound GREAT. If you ever need anybody to sing with you im here for you. P.S. i want a CD

  33. 33 Klarissa Pudwill

    Wow.. I just met you at B Dubs last night, and thought I’d check out your singing. And, I am very glad I did. Nice, nice work! You should definitely let me know when a CD is available, because although I don’t sing country, it is my favorite to listen to 🙂 And I love what I heard so far!

  34. 34 Alyssa Kautzman

    Great job Luke!!! You sound amazing. You’re definitly the next Derks Bentley. Keep up the good work. P.S. I would love a CD.

  35. 35 Anna

    Mrs.Morgan is my choir teacher and we got to listen to your songs and i think they are amazing!!! when i came home i had my mom and brother listen to them too and we think that you have an awsome voice!

  36. 36 Steve Fletcher

    Way to go, great tunes! Keep up teh good work!

  37. 37 FELT

    Surprised…Amazed…and Impressed! When you make it, remember us little people. Good luck Dop!

  38. 38 Sarah

    I couldn’t believe this was you – impressive! It was good to see you and Lacy the other night, even though I couldn’t find you guys about 10 minutes after you got there!

  39. WOW! Man thats real! You sound awesome DOPP keep it up. Hey I’ll still ref with you next year when you’re BIG TIME!

  40. 40 kendra

    Hey Hey! Love the tunes…I wanna hear the whole songs though! Love your voice…keep it up!

  41. 41 Krista Howell

    Hey Lucas! Sounds awesome! I listen all the time since Alli found you! Way to go!

  42. 42 Alyssa Lauritsen

    Good heavens! You are fantastic!!

  43. 43 Lance Doppler

    If these songs dont get you where your going then you aint livin!!!!

  44. 44 lacy Doppler

    oh lance… such good inspirational sayings he has… i say… GIT R DUN

  45. 45 Shawna Hanks

    Okay, is this the same Lucas Doppler I worked with at FNB, and played softball with. Way to go!!!! Can’t wait to purchase a CD. Follow your dreams.

  46. 46 Cass

    Love It! Keep Doin what your doin!

  47. 47 Brenda Bristle

    Hi Lucas,

    I’m a CPA in Montevideo at Dana F. Cole, formerly Lee & Berner. I worked with your dad a lot when he was at FNB in Monte. I also worked with your aunt Terri at Dana F. Cole. I heard your Sweet Corn song on 100.1 in Olivia yesterday on my way to work. It is great!! I love the beat!!! I’m looking forward to purchasing your CD. Best Wishes in the future!!

  48. 48 Brenda Bristle

    Hi again,

    On the Olivia radio station they said we will have to see how the “Doppler effect” goes in the future. They talked about you a few times on my way to work and said you were a native of Montevideo. That’s what caught my ear!! And then of course the Sweet Corn song really caught my “ear”! I’m a country music fan all the way and you have a great voice!! Keep it up!

  49. 49 Schim

    If I’d have known you could sing, I would have ‘advised’ you long ago to do this!! Your old h.s. advisor is surprised – and impressed!! Nice work!

  50. 50 Ryan Bart

    I hate to sound repetitive but WOW! Sounds absolutely great Lucas. I had no idea of your ability or ambition to sing! I hope the best for you & keep it up bro!

  51. 51 Marlene Gades

    Greetings from Roger and Marlene. You are so amazing! Hope we find out when you have a CD so we can buy one! Keep up the good work.

  52. 52 dean

    ¡qué canción!
    ¡qué voz!
    pero más importante: un hombre tam simpático

    i finally figured out how to get in touch…i voted so many times i thought for sure you were going to win……if you can’t remember what this means…call lacy!!

    Don Quixote: dream the impossible dream!!

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