Chad Sharp Live


Chad Sharp Sings Live

This weekend was a busy one for me.  Friday night I spent time getting ready to perform live on Saturday. Then when Saturday rolled around I performed at the Home Expo at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN. I did all original songs from my Pop/R&B CD’s.  They had the stage in a very weird place, so there wasn’t much traffic nearby until I started singing. Then I could see people mulling around to see what was happening. If you would like to hear my music and order CD’s click here.

Chad Sharp Performs Live

I performed live for about an hour. I had a really good time performing at the Expo. I will be live at the Expo coming up in April.  Then Saturday night I had dinner with friends from MPR. That was fun!

Chad Sharp Live

Today I worked on music for the Lucas Doppler project.  I did a new music track and Lucas and his dad were here to cut guitar parts and record vocals. I will be mixing down the tracks we cut today very soon. We have a few songs in the works for Lucas and his project should be very cool!


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