Songs and Online Music


I can’t believe that it is Thursday already! This week is flying by.  I kinda wish I had a couple more days. This Saturday I am going to be singing at a Home Design Expo at Canterbury Downs in Shakopee, MN.  I will be performing all original songs that I have written and produced. I may throw in some new ones from my new CD, if I have enough time to practice them.

Last night I attended the Minnesota Association of Songwriters meeting in Saint Paul. It was a great meeting. There were some great songs shared. If you are a songwriter in Minnesota, you really should join this organization. We meet monthly and it is only $25 a year to join. Also if you are a songwriter and need a demo recorded of your songs, get in touch with me. I can help you record a great demo.

This week Lucas Doppler and I worked on some more music for his upcoming CD. We are in the writing stages and will be recording vocals very soon. Our song, “Sweet Corn” has been getting great reviews from people we play it for. We will make it available online very soon.

In April, Dayna Jones will be coming on up to work with C-Sharp. I am very excited to see what we come up with. The new tracks I produced sound pretty cool. Once we get her voice recorded, I think we will for sure have some great tunes on our hands.

I have been in sort of a creative period. I have had lots of ideas for new songs coming to me. I have lots of little notes scattered all over. I will need to record some of them and share them with you. — CHADChad Sharp - Previously Unleashed CD


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