Justin Timberlake’s Record Label


For some reason this afternoon I remembered seeing on Oprah that Justin Timberlake was starting his own record label. I could not remember what the name was so I googled and found Tennman Records.

It will be interesting to watch as this label begins to grow. Even though they have alot more money behind them than my label, C-Sharp Productions does it seems they want to grow organically with great music.  Justin signed his first artist after seeing her on YouTube. She got to tour with him in Europe and they broke her on the Oprah show. I also see they are getting ready to release music from a new artist named Matt Morris.

Tennman seems to be using their website much how I envision using my site for music. Their site is more like a blog that chronicles the making of the music through videos, articles and photos.  I am working with some new artists right now that I will be putting photos and music, and even videos online. I am working with people like Lucas Doppler, Rick Jensen, Me (Chad Sharp,) and some other artists who I am just in the midst of making deals with. It is an exciting time to be making music. So even though C-Sharp Productions is a small label and studio in Minneapolis we truly can play ball with the big boys like Justin Timberlake!
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